What is an AMC?

We handle the business of running your association so you can focus on its purpose.

Association management companies (AMCs) offer your association a flexible way to run—and reach a new level of success.

What We Do

An association management company is a team of association specialists dedicated to helping not-for-profits, professional organizations, foundations and other associations grow and prosper.

We are experts in every aspect of running an effective association, with each team member specializing in different areas—strategic planning, financial management, membership, operations, infrastructure, meetings, education and marketing. Together, we help associations run more efficiently, reach their goals and offer greater value to members.

An AMC can either serve as the headquarters for your association, managing day-to-day operations and providing core services, or as consultants who work with your association’s existing staff members to lead initiatives you don’t have the expertise, time or manpower to handle.

Benefits of Working with an AMC



The professionals at an AMC have a wealth of knowledge in both their area of specialization and associations in general. Because they work with several different associations, they are also constantly exposed to new ideas, industries and ways of thinking.


As AMCs work with several associations, you’ll enjoy efficiencies from shared resources and enhanced buying power, as well as lower overhead costs.


An AMC provides you with the precise level of support you need—the right people and services without the expense of hiring full-time staff members. You can adapt the level of support over time, giving you the ability to ramp up to take on exciting opportunities and scale back when less assistance is needed.


Your volunteer board will have the freedom to concentrate on the mission of the organization without the distractions of day-to-day operations.

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