Financial Management

More than the numbers.

Accurate and timely financial processing and reporting are critical parts of financial management and, ultimately, the success of any organization.

“Sentergroup hears what your organization needs from your Board of Directors down to your newest member. They think outside the box to get the best results for the best dollars.”

Judy Martin

Past President, International Society of Appraisers

Solutions for the bottom line

Sentergroup and our valued and vetted financial service partners use our experience and knowledge of nonprofit finance to provide superior financial services by providing a client-focused, relationship-driven solutions set.

Sentergroup delivers the day-to-day financial management of our clients within the business standards QuickBooks Pro platform. Timely reports that summarize your organization’s financial position and trending highlights are circulated to key stakeholders at regular intervals.

Core Financial Management services include


Financial processing

Expense payment

Financial forecasting

Budget preparation

Report generation

Financial management
Thought Leadership

Nonprofit Financials: Round I: What Association Leaders Need to Know

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