Leadership Development

Sentergroup doesn’t just support leaders, we help make them.

Meet Lantern, an experiential leadership retreat that brings existing and aspiring leaders together to transform themselves and the world around them. Developed with Plenty and offered to Sentergroup association client leaders through our partnership, Lantern will help you uncover the unique leader in you.

How Lantern Works

Through outer explorations of the beautiful surroundings of Park City, Utah, and the inner exploration of yourself, Lantern will help you define your passions, articulate your purpose, and envision your possibility.

You’ll join colleagues and other professionals for a retreat that applies practical leadership theory to your strengths and passions to establish a blueprint for leading with purpose and intention. You’ll articulate your own leadership vision, build your natural brand, receive 360 degree feedback from your colleagues, friends and family, and put it all together to grow into your best self – for you, your organization, and your team.

“At the end, you are truly confident about who you are and what drives you. You get real assets from this experience. I’m still reflecting and I think I always will. I want to go back!”

Wayne Combs

Board Member, Association of Advancement Services Professionals

four duties of association board member
Thought Leadership

Leading with Vision: Always Essential, Usually Overlooked

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