The International Society of Appraisers

Case Study

When the International Society of Appraisers hired Sentergroup in 2008, the association was at a crossroads. By transitioning from a standalone organization to an association management company model, ISA hoped to elevate itself to the next level—increased membership, improved educational opportunities and greater financial stability.

“Sentergroup hears what your organization needs from your Board of Directors down to your newest member. They think outside the box to get the best results for the best dollars.”

Judy Martin

Past President, International Society of Appraisers


Our first task was to assess ISA’s existing programs, activities and structure. Member needs were assessed, underperforming events eliminated, committees restructured and budgets dissected and rebuilt. In our strategic sessions, it became clear that education—both the courses offered by ISA and the knowledge of its members—were a key strength, so we focused on enriching and highlighting the association’s educational opportunities.

Together, Sentergroup and ISA centralized educational venues and expanded virtual offerings, increasing enrollment and solidifying the bottom line. We’ve continued to enhance learning by building and implementing a digital Learning Management System to give members a cutting-edge distance education platform, dramatically expanding access.

We also helped ISA improve communications. A completely redesigned website makes it easy for consumers to find an ISA appraiser, and a private forum is fostering camaraderie among members. A customizable ad campaign, with a series of ads that ISA, as well as individual members, can use to reach out to consumers, institutions and potential members, helps drive business for the members.

Outcome Summary

Through strategic planning, member assessment, budget restructuring, education platform expansion, and a focus on elevating communications and resources, Sentergroup helped establish ISA as the leading association for personal property appraisers. Within three years of moving to an AMC model, ISA paid off all debt; within five years the organization tripled its assets.

Tripled the amount of member benefits

Offered educational courses, both live and online


Revenue growth in 8 years of engagement

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